Blooming most Recklessly

Bougainvilleas are beautiful vine-like shrubs that come in a variety of vibrant colors and make for a stunning statement in any home or garden. They prefer mild winter areas and can grow against a fence, building, on a trellis, in containers or as a hedge. With over 250 varieties of bougainvilleas out there, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for your home! Below we’ll cover proper bougainvillea care in pots, including sun, water, temperature and other care needs so you can begin nurturing your bougainvilleas in containers. We’ve also included different types of bougainvilleas and some frequently asked care questions so you can become familiar with these beautiful summer flowers!

Bougainvilleas are tropical vines with beautiful and vibrant bracts (modified leaves) which surround tiny white flowers. So the colorful parts you see when you look at a bougainvillea are actually the leaves, not petals! This stunning plant can be found in the warmest parts of the world, including Mexico, India, the Mediterranean and the southern United States. Bougainvilleas go all the way back to 1768 when French explorer Philibert Commerçon saw these flowers in their native home of Brazil and named them after his friend, Louis Antoine de Bougainville. Since then, this pretty (but thorny!) plant has been introduced to many southern climates and is loved by many. With over 250 varieties of bougainvilleas out there, most of them reach between 3 to39 feet in height. Though these vivid blooms are relatively easy to grow, they prefer to be in full sunlight and require a bit of maintenance.

Bougainvillea Overview

While widely known for their vivid colors and vine-like features, there are plenty of varieties out there that have unique characteristics to fit any garden aesthetic. Below are some of the most popular bougainvillea varieties that are best suited for container growth.

Considered one of the most popular varieties, this beautiful shrub grows bracts in bright shades of magenta and red that surround tiny white flowers. Once they’re fully mature, they can grow up to 20 feet high. If you live in hardiness zones 9-12, consider the Barbara Karst!

These famously gold bracts will add a warm and inviting touch to your garden and prefer hardiness zones between 10 and 12. They can grow up to 15 feet high and bloom in early spring to late fall. .

Barbara Karst

As the name suggests, these bougainvilleas look quite similar to the cherry blossom tree. They grow in beautiful shades of light pink with a white center and are perfect for hanging baskets during the summertime. This variety prefers to grow in hardiness zones 9-11.

Looking for something more elegant? These stunning varieties grow clusters of white, round bracts that thrive in late spring to early fall. Because it tends to spread quickly, you’ll want to place it in a spiller container, where it can spill gracefully over the pot. White Stripes like to be grown in hardiness zones 11 and above.