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White flower of a blameless life

Certain plant species with shallower root systems are more prone to drought injury and will require more watering during the autumn months.

When to Stop Watering Plants

It’s time to stop watering your plants when the soil and air temperatures regularly fall below. For many states, this will occur in October or November. In more Southern zones, this can happen in late December or, in some cases, not at all. Once the ground is below 40 F, the soil cannot absorb water, making irrigation a futile endeavor.

Autumn Plants and Flowers

Featuring a rich color palette, autumn flowers make for an excellent gift, and are often used in home décor accents. Proflowers can help you celebrate the harvest season with a large assortment of fall gifts for that special person in your life.From charming gardenia bonsais to low-maintenance succulents, we deliver autumn botanicals nationwide.

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